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Universities in Europe are experiencing increasing financial pressures as the new roles of the universities within the knowledge society must be addressed with often-staggering public funding at the disposal. The performance-based funding models encourage attracting third party funding. Thus, a larger share of university’s finances is ensured by targeted funding streams, each having own project timelines, management specifics and output indicators.

Diverse funding portfolio, however, is not easily managed and poses serious challenges to the institution’s sustainability. In addition to regular tasks the academic community now needs to adopt own time resources to fluctuating workload caused by attending to irregular calls for application. The high competition rates may lead to invisible work in vain.


Within this workshop the partner universities of FORTHEM Alliance will share own experience in supporting the academic staff in project proposal writing phase and follow-up project management. Some universities write project proposals with the help of external agencies, some - have already established services such as by providing a writing, feedback, and advice service, and related trainings, but others currently lack the staff to do so.

Further along the agenda a special attention will be devoted to exploring the potential of strategic cooperation within the Alliance to increase the application rate and frequency, to professionalize the application writing process, and thus to increase success rates.

Target group

Researcher managers and administrators, researchers, technical support staff, students, externals

Contact: Agnese Rusakova –

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