The FORTHEM R&I Services & Policy Office serves as central contact point for information, questions and services related to Research and Innovation within the FORTHEM Alliance.  

You have a great innovative project idea and look for funding possibilities or partners to collaborate with? Get in contact with us. We guide you to the information you are looking for and help you find the right contact person for your R&I request.



Dr. Nina Straub →

Justine Biettron →

You can write us in any language of the FORTHEM Alliance and we will forward it to our colleagues. 

In the FIT FORTHEM Grant Agreement the partners promised to establish a virtual joint research policy and services office until month 36 (12/2023). Lead beneficiary of this work package is UB, all partners contribute. The Virtual Office will be continued and extended in the future mission on research, innovation and transfer of the FORTHEM Alliance (WP7). All structures and results established in FIT FORTHEM will be transferred to this WP for further use and implementation.  

→ serves as a central contact/first entry point, has contacts/expert networks in the background and connects people seeking support; 

→ centralizes outputs of all WPs in FIT FORTHEM for further implementation and consideration. The type of archiving and the accessibility of results will be discussed in the context of FIT FORTHEM / FORTHEM. A secure user administration mechanism must be implemented;  

→ building on gained experiences from the first 18 months of the project, it organizes trainings or workshops related to FIT FORTHEM/R & I related topics if required, that are not available on the local level;  

→ takes care of cost-benefit analyses to evaluate measures taken in the project and beyond to launch transformation processes in R & I at the partner universities;  

→ provides targeted information on funding opportunities e.g. for Labs and research groups who have matured from FORTHEM and are not able to obtain equivalent information and support at their partner institutions. Establish more targeted information channels, e.g. personalized newsletters etc.; 

→ instead of doubling existent support structures, the office connects the existing units at the partner universities to upscale professional performance and to reduce site-specific disadvantages and inequalities. It can build on expert groups already set up in FIT FORTHEM 

→ gives some feedback to joint research proposal only in case the coordinating organisation cannot provide such kind of services as a standard offer;  

→ takes care of fostering collaboration in R & I across the alliance by bringing identified strongholds together and helping setting common research agendas (building on results from FIT FORTHEM)  

→ stays informed about national and European policy developments related to R & I and provides target group appropriate information to researchers, multipliers and deciders.  

→ proposes a service to help and support people with all 9 languages of the alliance  

→ garantees that the Alliances expands networks on the European level to policy makers, stakeholder groups etc.  

→ participates in the FOR-EU subgroups research and keeps researchers, multipliers and deciders informed about on-going joint processes.  

→ keeps track of joint project within the Alliance  

→ Researchers of the FORTHEM alliance universities 

→ Regional companies from the 9 regions of the alliance  

→ Political stakeholders from the 9 regions of the alliance  

→ Early career academics (including PhD students) from the alliance 

→ Research support staff from the alliance 

→ Administrative staff from the alliance