[D 1.1] Data Management Plan*

             [D 2.3] Networking and Membership Agenda*

             [D 7.2] Dissemination communication and exploitation plan

             [D 7.2] Dissemination plan*

             [D 7.9] Crisis Communication Plan*



     FORTHEM Alliance Universities’ Selected Good Practices in R&I Towards a European University

     [D3.2] Book on existing best practices developed in FORTHEM universities regarding the key research areas identified - on the topics: internationalisation, open science, co-creation with the social and business ecosystem, and communication of science.



     A report from the first Annual TORCH Forum: when European Alliances have a chance to exchange

     The first Annual TORCH Forum took place on 2 March 2022 in Budapest and online. Its theme was  “Sustainability in a (post?) pandemic world: Asking the right question on the role of Universities in R&I today”. Over 180 people registered and almost 110 took part in virtual sessions, where European University Alliances discussed how the initiative, and particularly how the SwafS projects that each university has (FIT FORTHEM in FORTHEM) enhanced the R&I capacity of the partnering institutions.


             [D 1.2] Workshop on Project Management*

             [D 1.4] FIT FORTHEM - ERA Policy Brief - University Alliances Pilot

             [D 2.1] Report on workshops, boot-camps and transnational tandems and working groups

             [D 2.1] Conclusions and Recommendations of the Open Science workshop

             [D 2.2] Network of Experts*

             [D 2.4] Action plan related to the HRS4R process and recommendation paper

             [D 3.1] SWOT Analysis of Capacities*

             [D 5.7] Results of FIT FORTHEM Call for Co-Creation Pilot Projects - Case Studies Selected for Funding*

             [D 6.1] Priority and Strategy for EU Funding*

             [D 6.2 Letters of Commitment of Regional Representatives*

             [D 7.1] Recruiting Popularizers*

             [D 7.3] Website Expansion*

             [D 7.4] Social Networking*

             [D 7.7] TORCH: Forum of All Alliances*