Work Package leaders




Position in Organisation

1 Project Management


Dr. Nicole Birkle

EU Liaison Officer, FIT FORTHEM Managing Coordinator at JGU

2 Intercultural sensitization and professionalization in research and innovation management

3 Co-creation of common long-term R&I agendas for FORTHEM


Dr. María D. Pitarch

Director of the Local Development Institute

4 Connect, access, and share R&I resources


Prof. Dr. Fabrizio D'Avenia

Associate Professor, Culture and Society, Scientific Coordinator for FIT FORTHEM at UNIPA

5 Living Labs for societally embedded co-creation of knowledge


Dr. Riikka Reitzer

Head of Innovation Services, PI of FIT FORTHEM  at JYU

6 Establishing a joint virtual research policy and services office


Prof. Dr. Frédéric Debeaufort

Former Vice President, Full Professor for Food Science, Alliance level contact person for the FORTHEM Food Science Lab, Scientific Coodinator for FIT FORTHEM at UB

7 Dissemination and Communication


Prof. Dr. Katarzyna Molek-Kozakowska

Associate Professor, Head of Department of English, Institute of Linguistics

Coodinator for FIT FORTHEM at UO

Members of the General Assembly (Year 1)





Prof. Stefan-Müller-Stach

Vice President for Research and Early Career Academics, Coordinator of FIT FORTHEM


Dr. Nikolaus Bourdos

Head of Unit Research and Technology Transfer


Edith Wittenbrink, MEd

Student Representative FORTHEM JGU local Lab Diversity and Migration


Prof. Pascal Neige

Vice President of Research


Prof. Frédéric Debeaufort

Former Vice President, Scientific Coodinator for FIT FORTHEM at UB,  Alliance level Contact Person for the FORTHEM Food Science Lab


Claire Breniaux

Student representative for UB


Dr. Timo Taskinen

Head of Research Development


Dr. Riikka Reitzer

Head of Innovation Services, PI of FIT FORTHEM for JYU


Venla Rantanen

PhD Student, The Centre for Applied Language Studies (CALS), JYU


Prof. Jacek Lipok

Vice-Rector for Research


Mr. Jarosław Kubiak

Director of UO Science and Project Management Department


Żaneta Niemczyk

President of UO Student Union


Prof. Livan Fratini

Vice-Rector for Research and Third Mission


Prof. Fabrizio D'Avenia

Scientific Coordinator FIT FORTHEM at UNIPA


Iolanda Roberta Sollima

FORTHEM Lab Diversity and Migration


Prof. Valdis Segliņš

Vice Rector in Natural Sciences, Technologies and Medicine


Dr. Justs Dimants


Director of Department of Science


Beate Orlova

Representative of Student Council of the University of Latvia


Prof. Dr. Maria Dolores Real

Vice-Rector for Innovation and Transfer. UVEG


Dr. Lola Garzón

Coordinator of the UVEG Entrepreneurship Support Program (UVEmprén).


Olga Lezi

PhD Student, Member of FORTHEM Digital Transition Lab


Prof. Dr. Stefan-Müller-Stach

Vice Chair

Dr. Timo Taskinen

Representative to interact with FORTHEM SC and MB

Prof. Fabrizio D'Avenia