What can you do?

  • o     participate in workshops and pilot projects as representatives of the society,
  • o     relate with one of our Labs to work on one of the topics of crucial societal relevance,
  • o     join our current and future citizen science projects and assist in research activities,
  • o     take part in surveys to help shape European, national and regional R&I policy,
  • o     become our multiplier and an ambassador of the FORTHEM Alliance in your community.

What can you get?

  • o     representation of the citizen voice in an international academic network,
  • o     impact on institutional practices and research programs that reflects your interests,
  • o     priority access to universities and events (open days),
  • o     a voice of your community heard through FORTHEM universities’ media,
  • o     residents of one of the regions where are situated our 7 universities will soon be able to benefit from our online courses within our Digital Academy mission.

Need more details on how citizens can get involved in our Alliance or how to subscribe for online courses? Feel free to contact the local FORTHEM office in your country.