Are you a private person and would like to get involved or benefit from FORTHEM Alliance projects?

If you want to participate actively in our projects you can join one of the local associations or initiatives in your city and relate with one of our Labs to work on one of the topics of crucial societal relevance.

If you are a resident of one of the regions where are situated our 7 universities you can benefit from our online courses which will be available soon within our Digital Academy mission.

In the frame of our various projects FORTHEM Alliance will potentially work with different social groups, for an example in the case of Multilingualism in School and Higher Education Lab’s citizen science project which aims to address the linguistic diversity in schools and to actively involve different members of the society, in this case students, pupils and teachers, in sociolinguistic research.

Need more details on how citizens can get involved in our Alliance or how to subscribe for online courses? Feel free to contact the local FORTHEM office in your country.