FORTHEM Labs for Research, Education and Innovation

Labs are FORTHEM’s expert networks that consist of teams of researchers, students and external partners that work together to address pressing societal challenges locally and in Europe. Researchers are a key component in the Labs’ work; the Labs look for researchers with a wide range of academic backgrounds and career stages. Labs are particularly fruitful avenues of cooperation for early-career researchers who seek to expand their international networks, but they welcome all academic staff who want to find new ways to cooperate internationally or are interested in the topics of the Labs. If negotiated so with their local management, researchers can allocate some of their workhours at their university to their work in the Labs.

If you want to learn more about Labs and their themes, click here. If you are interested in joining a Lab or want to know more about them, you can contact the respective Lab’s local coordinator at your home university. The contact details of the Lab coordinators can be found in the descriptive pages of each Lab, behind the link.


FORTHEM Innovative Shared Tutored Projects Concept

An innovative form of international virtual collaboration involving a group of students from any given degrees in two or possibly more FORTHEM partner universities.

Some form of tutored projects can already be found in courses in most of FORTHEM partner universities. They are often part of a practice-oriented, learning by doing approach aiming to accompany students in the implementation of acquired skills and knowledge, applied to a particular project.

The principle of a tutored project is that students define and/or carry out a project on a specific topic which involves the joint conception and realization of a set or interconnected tasks, leading to a final result, over a given time-span, usually several weeks or months. The result may be a professional deliverable or a piece of academic work, for example designing a practical scientific experiment. The students work together in a team, generally with assigned roles which may correspond to particular skills they have or wish to develop. They may work semi-autonomously as a group, but are supervised from start to finish by a member of their course staff, who is available to give guidance, who will validate certain key stages of the project and who will play a role in relations with external partners and in evaluation.

The FORTHEM Innovative Shared Tutored Projects Concept proposes to make this practice international through virtual exchanges within the FORTHEM Alliance. The projects will be shared in the sense that they will be conducted jointly and simultaneously by two or more partners of the FORTHEM Alliance, with supervisors in both universities. All levels of integration are possible: from the highest (mixed groups across universities) to the lowest (sharing tasks within selected projects between different sites).

More information and a few examples are available here. You can submit your project to your local FOTHEM Office by filling the template at the end of the document.  


Online staff training "Erasmus+ Without Papers"

FORTHEM alliance in cooperation with European University Foundation invites to participate in online staff training "Erasmus+ Without Papers" on 27-29 of October, 2020.

The objective of the workshop is to discuss the developments within EWP/ European Student Card Initiative and to have staff training for FORTHEM alliance partners on the topics of this initiative. The replacing a paper-based workflow by a digital one is one of the objectives within FORTHEM mission – Mobility, as it will help to overcome certain mobility barriers.

Registration until 22 of October, 2020. In order to register, please fill in application form:

Please click this link for provisional agenda.