All academic, scientific and administrative staff of our seven universities can benefit from FORTHEM mobility opportunities and actively be involved in our alliance’s projects and actions. Here are some examples.



  1. Conceive a short-term mobility programme.
  2. Conceive and supervise innovative shared tutored projects. You can submit your proposal any time. For more information read this instruction document and contact your local FORTHEM office if needed.
  3. Put in place English-taught courses.
  4. Develop joint degrees with colleagues from one or several alliance’s universities.
  5. Join projects developed in the frame of FORTHEM Labs.
  6. Expand your research activities and cooperate with researchers from FORTHEM partner universities.
  7. Carry out teaching staff mobility at partner universities.
  8. Benefit from training in digital competence.


Administrative staff

  1. Join different alliance’s working groups depending on your area of expertise: communication, career counselling, IT…
  2. Participate in staff weeks trainings organised by our partners.
  3. Access different online language or field-specific courses.

For more information about different possibilities contact your university local FORTHEM office.