Projects proposed by staff members who are looking for partners

A list of collaboration proposals for share funding projects from different staff members of FORTHEM Alliance universities. If you are interested in any of the projects, get in touch with the contact person and start negotiations!


Brief description of the idea for the project

The misuse of antibiotics has caused a serious public health problem: the emergence of superbugs. Our team at UV is looking for new approaches to raise the social awareness of the antibiotic crisis and the subsequent problem posed by the threat of superbugs.

With this aim, we propose a transnational action among universities belonging to the FORTHEM Consortium. Basically we have designed a programme our university students collaborate in, which will allow us to multiply the number of aware people. The action would begin with a training programme for university students, including the preparation of an exhibition with infographics on the problem (in English and in each of the languages of university partners). Afterwards, these students, acting as “monitors”, would disseminate the activity in secondary level schools in their geographical area, involving their students through interactive activities.

We look forward to receiving your emails requesting specific information, or joining the project as soon as possible, in order to prepare the final proposal.

Dr. Belén Fouz -

Dr. Sergi Maicas -

Department of Microbiology and Ecology, Universitat de València (Spain)

Brief description of the idea for the project

Given the long-standing promotion of unattainable body ideals by the media and the constant pressure to look better exerted by brands and influencers, many people are being pushed into perceiving their own body as somewhat defective. Also, recent revelations by whistleblowers have spotlighted the fact that social media thrive on entrenching the feelings of alienation and inadequacy. Some of those feelings may be a result of implicit or explicit forms of body shaming.

This project aims at encouraging the teens, who tend to be the most vulnerable to body shaming, to see through the constructed and manipulated nature of mediated body imagery. It raises their awareness of media trends that call for undue attention to body esthetics understood in a very narrow way.  It draws their attention to the mechanisms of online comparisons and to the judgmental nature of social media (likes). Also, it shows how social media anonymity sparks harsher reactions and symbolic violence, which may culminate in stigmatization and marginalization.

This project overlaps with many recent initiatives devoted to mental well-being and public health of digital natives. It showcases recent body positive trends and exposes the commercial nature of body shaming.

We invite partnerships with other FORTHEM universities to help design and implement actions to neutralize body shaming and promote body positivity. The range of actions may include (but is not limited to) recording awareness-raising videos, compiling a collection of body positive imagery from social media, developing posters and presentations that could be used in local schools or health centers, as well as disseminating the project in students’ and local media.

If you are interested in joining us, please email us: Mateusz Szubert, assistant professor at the Department of Culture, UO Katarzyna Molek-Kozakowska, associate professor at the Department of English, UO