New internationalisation possibilities for students

FORTHEM Alliance offers students new possibilities to get international experience during their studies. Students selected to these activities will get funding for their mobility.

You can create an own Civic Engagement Project with fellow students from other FORTHEM universities.

You can apply for a Company Internship placement in a company in another FORTHEM university city.

You can apply for a Collective Short Term Mobility programme to another FORTHEM university, to join a one-week long intensive course on a selected topic, and to study in a group of 35 students from FORTHEM universities.

You can choose an Individual Short Term Mobility visit to another FORTHEM university, according to your interests, for example to work on your thesis or other kind of study project.

You can start creating your own local and international networks and get support for your study projects in FORTHEM Labs.


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Civic engagement projects

The aim of this call is that FORTHEM student teams promote and manage volunteering and education projects for development, solidarity and awareness in collaboration with NGOs or other local associations. FORTHEM Alliance gives the opportunity to the alliance students to develop and implement a transnational project linked to the goals of the Agenda 2030 of the United Nations.


2.Eligibility Criteria    

3.Funding, Eligible Costs and Budget    

4.Important Dates and Application Procedure    

5.Award Criteria    

6.Legal Commitments    

7.Communication and Dissemination    

Submission Form: Civic Engagement Projects

Submission of Proposals for Cooperation

List of Proposals for Cooperation


Company internships

Up to 70 internship places are offered to students in 2020, giving them a chance to get an insight into organisations from our partner countries. Each university of our alliance provides up to 10 places. The successful candidates will not only work at companies located in the surroundings of our seven universities. Furthermore, they will be pioneers in a new company network, which is likely to develop after this first Company Internships call.

1. Internships 

2. Eligibility Criteria    

3. Important Dates and Contacts 

4. Application Procedure 

5. Review Process

6. Funding and Accommodation    

7. Processing of Personal Data    

8. List of Internships    

Application Form: Company Internship


Collective mobility

The FORTHEM Alliance call is open

Between 27th of October and 13th of December, students from FORTHEM universities are invited to apply for collective short-term mobility in 2021.

14 collective short-term mobility programmes are being organised from March to July 2021, giving you a chance to take part in a week-long activity (5 days maximum on site) as part of a group of approximately 35 students, 5 coming from each of the partner universities, who will meet physically on site in one university. A second call for the activities that will take place between September 2021 and February 2022 will be launched in spring 2021.

More information on application for Collective mobility please find here.



You can participate in the FORTHEM Labs to gain work experience in international and multidisciplinary expert networks.

Labs are FORTHEM’s expert networks that consist of teams of researchers, students and external partners that work together to address pressing societal challenges in Europe. Student participation in Labs is not only permitted, but highly encouraged. Working in the Labs can provide several benefits to students, including ECTS credit compensation, internships in other Alliance universities or their partner organizations, short-term mobility opportunities, and other things. Labs provide valuable experience of working in an international and multidisciplinary setting with many nationalities and academic fields.

If you want to learn more about Labs and their themes, click here. If you are interested in joining a Lab or want to know more about them, you can contact the respective Lab’s local coordinator at your home university. The contact details of the Lab coordinators can be found in the descriptive pages of each Lab, behind the link.