Are you volunteering and interested in new projects? You have always wanted to get involved and have not yet found the right action? You may be interested in FORTHEM civic engagement call!

Our Alliance encourage students to promote and manage volunteering and education projects for development, solidarity and awareness in collaboration with NGOs or other local associations. You can develop and implement any transitional project linked to the goals of the Agenda 2030 of the United Nations which provides a shared vision of sustainable future free of hunger, inequality and poverty based on the principles of inclusion, solidarity and active citizenship.

You will:

  1. directly contribute to sustainable development and indirectly take charge of your own future;
  2. gain professional experience by working for a good cause;
  3. gain competence in project management;
  4. work with various actors from civil society and develop your network of contacts;
  5. receive a certificate from the FORTHEM Alliance on behalf of all seven universities confirming your social commitment, participation in accompanying workshops and workload.

There are three different possibilities of how to set up your project.

  1. You can develop an idea within your student association with students from at least 2 other FORTHEM universities and invite an NGO or local association to join your project.
  2. You can participate in a project proposed by an NGO or by the local Career Service of your home university and invite students from at least 2 other FORTHEM universities to join your project.
  3. You can develop within your courses, student working groups or research labs a proposal with your lecturers or professors and invite students from at least 2 other FORTHEM universities and an NGO or other local association to join your project.

Several student associations from FORTHEM universities are willing to work on civic engagement projects. Whether you are a single student searching for a student association or a representative of a student association, you can contact Alliance’s student associations from our database to set up a project together.

You can also join projects proposed by students or associations who are looking for partners.

You have a specific project in mind and you are looking for students or associations to join you? You can fill our civic engagement project proposals form in and we will publish your idea on our website so that people who are interested in your proposition can contact you and join your team

Good to know: local FORTHEM office from your home university as well as your lecturers or your home university Career Service can provide you the contacts of local institutions and NGOs so you can see if they are interested in setting up a project with you.


You will benefit from our online course on project management basics you need for conceptualization and implementation of your planned activities.

If required, trainers will support and advise you in developing your concept, accompany your project in word and deed and offer you team coaching.

A pool of experts can support you in the acquisition of specific expertise.

You are welcome to involve an NGO in your project. This will give you additional points when evaluating your application.

To maximize the impact of your project, it should have a clear and strong strategy for communication and dissemination of its activities and results.


Your project should imply activities which intend to achieve some of the following sustainable development goals:

  1. migrant integration;
  2. inequality reduction in EU nationals;
  3. climate change;
  4. peace, justice and strong institutions in Europe;
  5. reduction of the digital divide;
  6. education;
  7. global citizenship;
  8. human rights.

Student participants

Every project must imply students from at least 3 FORTHEM partner universities.

Students from all fields and levels of studies can participate in any project. You may already have some knowledge of your project, but this is not necessary. The most important is to be motivated and like to volunteer in an international context.

One student association can be part of only one application.

You can be part of only one awarded application, i.e., if a student is part of several applications that are accepted, they need to choose only one of them.


Hybrid (partly physical and partly digital)

Entirely digital in the context of Covid-19 pandemic

The call for projects for 2020/2021 academic year is open within the limits of the budget we dispose. Proposals may be submitted whenever a call for projects is open.

Please note that actions or events you organise in the frame of your project must take place before the end of the 2020/2021 academic year.

The call for 2021/2022 academic year will open in summer 2021.

Selected projects will benefit from several financial aids:

→ 1.000 euros subvention per project;

→ travel and subsistence cost for two meetings for 8 participants per team (total of 16 travel costs for four nights per project). If your event is entirely carried out virtually, extra funding may be available. Contact your local FORTHEM Office to see if further options are possible…;

→ in addition to the FORTHEM subventions mentioned above, each university will assess the possibility of supplementing the project costs with its own funds. Please keep in mind that if you will receive funds from several sources, you must check if these are compatible as double funding is not permitted in certain cases.

  1. Read this useful Criteria and commitments document before submitting your application.
  2. Fill in this Project description form.
  3. Fill in our online application form. Do not forget to download your Project description form when filling in online application form!
  4. Make sure you have received an email confirming your application has been submitted.
  5. FORTHEM Outreach Mission Board will examine your application.
  6. You will be informed by email if your project is accepted or not.

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