Being a student in one of FORTHEM Alliance universities allows you to apply for internships provided by our associated partners – companies and organisations from our regions. Every year numerous internship offers are available for students of different levels and areas of study. Click here for the list of available placements

All students currently enrolled in FORTHEM universities are eligible to apply.

Students must fulfil their home university regulations in terms of internship mobility e.g. their internship must be coherent with their field of study and must take place as planned in the frame of their study programme.

  1. Take a look at our list of available internships to find an offer that suits you the best. We frequently update our internship offers so feel free to check out our database regularly.
  2. Submit your application through our online application form before the application deadline set by the receiving company.
    Keep in mind that:
    →  only one application per student can be submitted; however, if your application is rejected by a company, you can submit another one
    →  your application must be in English
    →  you cannot apply for internships offered by your home university
    →  only complete applications, submitted via our online form with all the compulsory documents, will be accepted
    →  you should ensure that you have officially submitted your electronic application form and that you have received an automatic e-mail acknowledging receipt of your submission
  3. Our staff from local FORTHEM offices will check your application and if you are eligible, they will send it to the company you applied for.
  4. A company may get in touch with you and require to conduct an online interview.
  5. If your application is accepted, you must fill this Information about admittance form and send it before you start your internship to:
    - local FORTHEM office of your home university;
    - local FORTHEM office of the university in your host country.
  6. Once your internship is over you must fill this Internship assessment form and send it to the local FORTHEM office of your home university. If you have received Erasmus+ grant for traineeship you are not obliged to submit this form.

The main working language will be English or any other official language of the host countries.

The local FORTHEM office of your host country can inform you on how to find accommodation.


Short-term internships: min. 2 weeks - max. 6 weeks

Financial aid will consist of travel costs and individual support.

The detailed sums for the travel costs can be seen in the attached table: travel costs 

Individual support per week depends on the country of internship:

  1. Finland: 112,50 euros
  2. France, Germany, Italy, Spain: 100,00 euros
  3. Latvia, Poland: 87,50 euros


Long-term internships

You can apply for Erasmus+ traineeship grant through your home university. For all details visit your university webpage dedicated to Erasmus+ grants:

  1. Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz
  2. Jyväskylän yliopisto
  3. Latvijas Universitāte
  4. Università degli Studi di Palermo
  5. Universitat de València
  6. Université de Bourgogne
  7. Uniwersytet Opolski

There can be other financial sources available for your internship abroad such as regional council grants, ministerial aids, bursaries from different organisations, etc. You can ask for more information at your home university and do your own research on the internet to find other financial sources for your period abroad.

Take a look at our blog where your will find testimonies of our students who went on internship abroad thanks to FORTHEM Alliance’s internships network.