Make friends in all corners of Europe, join the Buddy Programme from FORTHEM!

As a FORTHEM Buddy, you’ll be put in touch with 6 other first-year students, one from each partner university, to form your Buddy Group. Each Buddy Group will then have a chance to take part in Buddy Challenges online, to win badges, prizes and maybe even a trip to meet up in person.

You will have a Buddy in each FORTHEM university, a familiar face to greet you when you travel to another campus within FORTHEM, through one of the many opportunities for international mobility offered by FORTHEM.

To apply, please fill this short online form.
Please note your Buddy Group will only be formed once applications have been received from all 7 partner universities - probably in mid-October, until the 15th of November.


Who is a FORTHEM Buddy and Why Should you Join?

All students of partner universities are automatically part of this European Alliance, meaning that you can already take part in all FORTHEM activities.

By becoming a Buddy, you’ll get a head-start, by joining a team of friends from all FORTHEM countries, to chat with, share experiences about student life, take part in online competitions or in person, get advice on living in or travelling to their countries, etc.

There is no language test or any other qualification needed, except being open-minded and interested in meeting other students from around Europe.

The FORTHEM Buddy Programme is totally free of charge.