You can enrol in a jointly organised programme that gathers students from all FORTHEM universities. Every partner university hosts on rotating principle, a semester-long programme related to one of the seven Labs topics. Courses proposed in the frame of FORTHEM Campus will be tailored for general student audience and not only for students from specific scientific fields. It is worth noting that your mobility will be funded with Erasmus+ grant.

2nd FORTHEM Campus in Riga, Latvia

The second FORTHEM Campus will be launched from February 7th to June 21 2022 at the University of Latvia. This semester-long exchange combines studies related to your discipline with a special themed programme called Resilience, Life Quality and Demographic Change.

You must contact local FORTHEM office at your home university mentioning FORTHEM Campus programme. Once your home university has nominated you for student exchange period within FORTHEM Campus at the University of Latvia (UL), the UL will contact you on further application procedure. The deadline for applications at the University of Latvia is 12th January 2021.

Erasmus+ grant: contact your home institution Erasmus office to check if you are eligible for Erasmus+ grant for studies.

List of the courses is available here!




Resilience, Life quality, Demographic Changes



  1. Business and Economics


       1.2. International Economics and Commercial Diplomacy

      1.3. Industrial Engineering Management




2. Social Sciences



  1. Law




  1. Biology



Here you can find practical information about exchange studies in University Latvia!

1st FORTHEM Campus in Dijon, France

The first FORTHEM Campus took place from September 1st to mid-December 2021 at the University of Burgundy. This semester-long exchange combined studies and activities related to special themed programme called Foods and fooding.