The FORTHEM Alliance has developed a school internship network aimed at our teacher education students. Up to five offers in each region of our seven partner universities are planned to be provided. Click here for the list of available placements

An internship abroad is a chance to acquire language and intercultural competences that will be an added value for your future positions as a teacher.

This internship will be also a unique opportunity for you to get to know a foreign school system from inside. This experience will bring you a better understanding about the functioning of a school abroad. It will also enable you to discover another way to teach in another educational institution; this will be an extra value for your future career.

Moreover, this internship could be recognized in your curricula at your university.

If you are a Bachelor’s or Master’s level student currently enrolled in one of the FORTHEM universities, you are eligible to apply for these school internship offers. Your field of study should be Teacher Education or similar, and the internship should be a part (optional or compulsory) of your degree. You should be enrolled in your home university also during the internship period.

Please note that every internship offer can have specific eligibility criteria such as language requirement so please read carefully every offer you are interested in before applying.

Home university rules and regulations concerning the internships must be followed.

You have to apply as soon as possible or in accordance to the deadline set by the school, if specified, and at least four months before the starting date of the internship.

The decision about the acceptance will be made by the school, at least three months before the start of the internship.

  1. Take a look at our list of available internships in schools to find an offer that suits you best. We frequently update our internship offers so feel free to check out our database regularly.
  2. Submit your application through our online application form adding all the necessary documents:
    - enrolment proof of your home university (compulsory);
    - motivation letter and CV in English (compulsory);
    - academic transcript of records (compulsory);
    - any other document if the school requires it in the offer.

    Keep in mind that:
    → only TWO applications per student in total can be submitted. If your first application is rejected by a school, you can apply for another internship;
    → your application must be in English;
    → you cannot apply for internships offered by your home university;
    → only complete applications, submitted via the online form with all the necessary documents, will be accepted. Applications submitted in any other way will be automatically rejected - no exceptions will be made;
    → you should ensure that you have officially submitted your electronic application form and that you have received an automatic e-mail acknowledging receipt of your submission.
  3. Our staff from the local FORTHEM Offices will check your application and if you are eligible, they will send it to the school you applied for.
  4. The schools will select the most suitable candidates and will make their decisions about the acceptance of the application minimum three months before the beginning of the internship. Schools will make a ranking list of the 5 most suitable candidates.
  5. After having been notified by the respective school, the sending FORTHEM Office will inform successful candidates about their admittance to the internship.
  6. Once your internship is over, you must fill in this Internship assessment form and send it to the FORTHEM Office of your home university.
  1. The local FORTHEM Office of your host country can inform you on how to find accommodation.
  2. For all subject-specific questions, e.g. on the recognition of the internship as part of the course of study, please contact the subject-specific contact person at your home university.  
  3. For practical details of your stay, please contact the FORTHEM Office of your home university.

Students staying abroad for a four-week internship in a foreign school will receive financial support from the FORTHEM Office of their home university.

Your local FORTHEM Office will give you further details about funding after you have been selected to carry out an internship in a school.

Financial aid will consist in travel costs and individual support.

Individual support per month depending on the country of the school location

Finland: 450 euros
France, Germany, Italy, Spain: 400 euros
Latvia, Poland: 350 euros

Travel costs in total