FORTHEM Alliance Call

Collective short-term student mobility applications for 2021

The “FORTHEM Alliance”, funded in the Erasmus+ framework, brings together seven partner universities:

- the University of Burgundy in France (

- Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz in Germany (

- the University of Jyväskylä in Finland (

- the University of Latvia (

- the University of Opole in Poland (

- the University of Palermo in Italy (

- the University of Valencia in Spain (

FORTHEM aims to open up new possibilities for students to travel and study in these different universities.

Between 27th of October and 29th of November, students from FORTHEM universities are invited to apply for  collective short-term mobility in 2021.

Deadline for the collective short-term mobilities is extended until the 13th of December.

14 collective short-term mobility programmes are being organised from March to July 2021, giving you a chance to take part in a week-long activity (5 days maximum on site) as part of a group of approximately 35 students, 5 coming from each of the partner universities, who will meet physically on site in one university. A second call for the activities that will take place between September 2021 and February 2022 will be launched in spring 2021.

Collective mobility programmes cater to students of different levels and areas of study, some are open to all, others are more targeted. Unless specified, programmes will use English as the main language of communication. Details of all of these programmes can be found in the table below and more information can be found by clicking on the specific programme.


Because of the Covid19 crisis some of the projects had to be postponed to spring 2021. There will be less places available for those projects as the students that have already been selected last year can keep their places.

Since the Covid-19 situation remains unpredictable it is possible that due to travel and other national restrictions physical mobility will not be possible for all of the projects as planned. Some may be postponed and others will be organised in a virtual environment. At latest 30 days before the start date of the mobility students will receive detailed information regarding the selected project.

How to apply for collective mobility in 2021:

Fill in the form accessible here by 12PM (midday) CET, on the 13th of December 2020. (Previous date 29th of November - deadline was extended for 2 weeks).

You can apply for a maximum of 2 collective and 1 individual programme, but will have to choose to participate in 2 activities maximum if you are selected for more than 2. You may submit your application each time we publish new call for applications (twice a year, in autumn and in spring). Please note that students that have not participated in the FORTHEM mobility previously will be given priority.

Details of programmes (click on programme name for more information)

Organising University


Mobility location

Short description

Start Date

End Date

Student Priority


Body, Disability and Milieu (uB)

Dijon (France)

Theoretical and practical approach to body and milieu through sensorial, physical and artistic experiments



All students


Prospering In Academia (UO)

Opole (Poland)

Approach to interculturality through seminars, initiation to research, workshops, coaching sessions



All students


FORTHEM  Student Involvement Week (uB)

Dijon (France)

Workshops and visits where you’ll learn how to more active at your university and creating links between students and associations.



All students


Multilingualism In Schools (UniPa)

Palermo and Polizzi Generosa (Italy)

Workshops and cultural activities to better understand metalinguistic environment.



Specific study field

All students


Migration As Cultural Enrichment (uniPa)

Palermo (Italy)

Approaching migration through the overview of Sicilian culture and history



All students


Challenge Of Migrations (uB)

Dijon (France)

Discovering dedicated support systems for immigrants in the academic



All students


Student Conference (uB)

Dijon, France

Student conference and workshops on European issues



Specific study level


Methodology For Investigations (UL)

Riga (Latvia)

Learn how to use methodological instruments for scientific research, especially for epidemiological and psychological fields.



Specific study field

Specific study level


Pathway To Health (UniPa)

Palermo (Italy)

Conferences and lessons about medical and psychological topics (nutrition, epidemiology, addiction…)



Specific study level

Specific study field


Life And Vision - Design your life (JGU)

Jyväskylä (Finland)

Learn how to understand and recognize your own competences and to develop your professional future with workshops and exchanges in-group.



All students


Fermented Foods (UV)

Valencia (Spain)

Lecture, workshops, visits and social activities about food fermentation science, marketing and product development.



Specific study field


Palaeontological Summer School (UO)

Krasiejów near Opole (Poland)

Gain knowledge and experience in palaeontology with excavation activities or microscope sessions.



Specific study field


Minority Languages (UV)

Gandia (Spain)

Thematic conferences, participatory activities and round tables on rights and practices associated with minority languages



Specific study field

All students


MEUM2021 (JGU)

Mainz (Germany)

Role play of the legislative process in the European Union



All students


Eligibility criteria and review process

All students currently enrolled in FORTHEM universities are eligible to apply for individual or collective mobility.

Only complete applications, submitted via the online form with all necessary documents by 12pm (midday, Central European Time) on Sunday 29 of November 2020, will be accepted. All applications should be in English.

Applicants will be notified of the results of the selection process by email on the 22nd of January 2021 (previous date was 8th of January, due to the application deadline extension students will be informed 2 weeks later than planned).

They will have one week to confirm their participation. Students can apply for a maximum of 2 collective and 1 individual mobility programme, but will have to choose to participate in 2 activities maximum if you are selected for more than 2.

Students on the waiting lists will be contacted if and when places become available for them. They will also need to confirm their participation within one week after being contacted.

Students who no longer want to remain on a waiting list should notify the FORTHEM office of the organising university.

Applications for collective mobilities should include motivation letter and any other documents required by the specific programme, in English or one of the alliance languages (unless specified otherwise).

Applications will be checked by the FORTHEM offices and transmitted to the project organisers for a final selection.

Using the selection criteria announced, project coordinators will produce a list of 5 students per university admitted to the programme, plus a waiting list for other applicants who will receive notification if a place becomes available.


Students will receive funding to cover the approximate costs of their travel, accommodation and living expenses while abroad. More information about this will be provided by their local FORTHEM office.