By 2022, FORTHEM Digital Academy will be in place, offering extensive opportunities for online language learning, for completing subject-specific MOOCs & training modules and for virtual mobility of students and staff. FORTHEM members will share existing MOOCs and develop in collaboration new blended and virtual learning modules. Language-related student tutoring and tandem-learning options which be included by 2025. To facilitate optimal use of the Digital Academy, the alliance will provide training for its staff in digital competence.

An online platform for virtual mobility, collaboration and networking for students and staff members.


Training on digital competence

The successful implementation of online courses and virtual mobility requires training for the academic staff on digital competence before it can be launched.


  • Developing a common training course on digital competence
  • Organising once a year this common training course for three academics from each university
  • Establishing a digital mentoring system in e-learning methods where experienced academics act as mentors for colleagues who are just starting to learn about digital pedagogy by giving practical tips and commenting on e-learning ideas

Merging of pre-existing and development of new content

All partners will share their existing digital infrastructure. Language courses for personal development of our university members and in order to prepare them for mobility will be provided.


  • Developing 7 more courses in the languages of the alliance and setting up online language tandems
  • Analysing and bringing in pre-existing MOOCs, blended learning courses and further e-learning materials of all partners in order to determine the most suitable courses covering different areas of knowledge
  • Encouraging academics from all faculties to use the common platform in their lecturesDeveloping 3 new e-learning materials, either designed as blended learning or as a 100% virtual learning environment) by FORTHEM Labs