FORTHEM Labs for research, education and innovation

We have set up seven expert teams, FORTHEM Labs for education, research and innovation on topics which reflect our areas of special expertise and are of crucial societal relevance:

  1. Diversity and Migration, coordinated by the University of Palermo;
  2. Multilingualism in School and Higher Education, coordinated by the University of Jyväskylä;
  3. Food Science, coordinated by the University of Burgundy;
  4. Digital Transformation, coordinated by the University of València;
  5. Climate and Resources, coordinated by the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz;
  6. Experiencing Europe, coordinated by the University of Opole;
  7. Resilience, Life Quality and Demographic Change, coordinated by the University of Latvia.

Each Lab consists of representatives from at least three countries, involving university staff and students and public and/or private sector representatives. They are designed to provide the necessary framework for diverse, collaborative, flexible, experimental and dynamic learning environments with the aim to encourage our students to become designers of innovative processes and develop future skills, such as analytical thinking, creativity and communication.

They will serve as new and innovative interfaces between education, research and innovation. They will provide new tools for transferring research-based knowledge to society and transmitting the input, knowledge and ideas from society to universities.

The outputs of the Labs will include new online teaching material for FORTHEM Digital Academy, new intensive courses, joint scientific publications and final reports of civic engagement projects.

On the long run, the FORTHEM Alliance is working towards the establishment of collective PhD groups and joint degree programmes related to the seven topics. The FORTHEM Campus will be closely linked with the activities of all FORTHEM Labs.


More information

  1. FORTHEM Labs: What are they, really?
  2. Contact Tamás Péter Szabó, Scientific Manager for Lab actions, and Oskari Vesterinen, Coordinator for Lab actions.