Our outreach mission is to replace one-way transfer of information from universities with two-way cooperation and dialogue with regional entities such as surrounding schools, companies, public institutions and social actors.

We wish to contribute to the regional development by increasing internationalisation, multilingualism and employability, by offering local communities a chance to interact with other local communities elsewhere in Europe but also by bringing world-class scientific expertise from around the network to the doorstep of local schools and businesses.

Bring Europe in our classrooms

  1. Establish an annual European summer school for educators which will bring together school teachers from our local communities to discuss school-specific topics from a European perspective.
  2. Establish an internship school network across our cities for student teachers which will offer them an opportunity to gain practical, professional and international experience and become language ambassadors of their language and will also enable pupils to experience the European idea at home  in the classroom.
  3. Offer training courses for teachers and educators from all FORTHEM partner countries. The courses will be offered in English on the following topics: Heterogeneity and internal differentiation, Counselling, Interculturality and Project-based learning.

Encourage student civic engagement

  1. Develop a training course preparing students for voluntary work with learning units on the topics project management, communication and budget.
  2. Provide financial support for student volunteer work which contributes to one of the goals of United Nations Agenda 2030.  
  3. Include student volunteer commitment in the curriculum of some degree programmes.

Provide internships placements in different fields across our network.

Give access to our online courses for employees of local companies and institutions as well as to all citizens who wish to further their education.

Work on projects that will contribute to the well-being and education of society through FORTHEM Labs involving students, academic staff and third sector representatives.