Call for Proposals on Civic Engagement Projects 2021

1. Idea 

2. Partner organisations 

3. Schedule 

4. Participants and requirements 

5. Added value for you 

6. Support by FORTHEM 

7. Background information 

8. Application 

9. Mandatory document 

10. Contacts 

1. Idea 

You are volunteering and interested in new projects? You have always wanted to get involved and have not yet found the right project? FORTHEM would like to help you.  

You, the students of the FORTHEM Alliance, will have the opportunity to promote and manage volunteering and education projects for development, solidarity and awareness in collaboration with NGOs or other local associations. The FORTHEM Alliance is already supporting financially 2 projects and is going to support 13 further projects in order to turn your ideas into real activities. 

Volunteering gives you the opportunity to directly contribute to sustainable development enabling you to take charge of your own future, strengthening social cohesion, solidarity and trust by promoting individual and collective action. 

You have three options for your projects to choose from: 

Option 1: 

You develop an idea and a project within your student association with students from at least 2 other FORTHEM Universities and invite an NGO or local association. *) 

Option 2: 

You participate in a project proposed by an NGO and your local Career Service and invite students from at least 2 other FORTHEM universities to join your project. *) **) 

Option 3:  

You develop within your courses, student working groups or research labs a proposal with your lecturers or professors and invite students from at least 2 other FORTHEM universities and an NGO or other local association to join your project. *) **) 

*) FORTHEM helps you to find students from other universities for your project by offering you a communication channel where you can post a request similar to a job advertisement ("We are looking for someone for our project...") to which other students can reply and contact you. You will also find on our website a list with the student associations within the FORTHEM Alliance, with whom you can cooperate within your project. 

**) Offered projects by your Career Service or your lecturers can be found on our website. 

The projects can have a European added value by addressing priorities identified at European level according to the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by all UN member states, which provide a shared vision of a sustainable future free of hunger, inequality and poverty based on the principles of inclusion, solidarity and active citizenship. Possible topics for your projects may be: 

- Migrant integration

- Inequality reduction in EU nationals 

- Climate change 

- Peace, justice and strong institutions in Europe 

- Reduction of the digital divide 

- Education 

- Global citizenship 

- Human Rights 

The projects can be implemented physically, in a hybrid way or, due to the current situation, completely digitally! 

2. Partner organisations 

You are welcome to involve an NGO in your project. This will give you additional points when your application is evaluated. Your local FORTHEM Office, your lecturers or our Career Services can help you to get in contact with an organisation. 

3. Schedule 

Activities shall start at the beginning of 2021 and end after approx. 6 months in summer 2021.  

You can submit an application at any time as long as the call is open. 

4. Participants and requirements 

We are looking for students from at least 3 FORTHEM partner universities per project. It does not matter which subjects you study or at what level (Bachelor, Master, PhD).  

You may already have some knowledge of your project, but this is not necessary. You are motivated and like to volunteer in an international group and context. You have 6 months to implement the project. To maximise the impact of your project, it should have a clear and strong strategy for communication and dissemination of its activities and results. 

5. Added value for you 

  • You are volunteering, working for a good cause and at the same time gaining professional experience. 

  • An online course is offered to support you in the conception and implementation of activities. 

  • You will get to know all relevant steps (from the determination of needs to the development of an idea to the implementation) of a concept creation and thus become fit in project management. 

  • You will work together with interesting actors in civil society and will be able to make contacts and network. 

  • You will be awarded a certificate by the FORTHEM Alliance on behalf of all seven universities confirming your social commitment, participation in accompanying workshops and workload. 

6. Support by FORTHEM 

  • To help you, we offer an online course that teaches you the project management basics you need to implement your project. 

  • If required, trainers support and advise you in developing your concept, accompany your project in word and deed and offer team coaching. 

  • A pool of experts can support you in the acquisition of specific expertise. 

  • Funding: 

The FORTHEM Alliance supports the winning/awarded projects with 500 € / project. 

- Travel and subsistence cost for two meetings will also be covered for 8 participants per team (total of 16 travel costs for four nights per project). We will provide the details about how these costs will be paid once the projects have been selected. 

- If an event is planned and carried out completely digitally, please contact your local FORTHEM Office to ask if further funding options are possible. 

Additional funding by FORTHEM universities 

- Each university will assess the possibility of supplementing the project costs with its own funds.   

- Please be aware of the fact that, should your project receive funds from several funding pools, you would have to check if these are compatible, as double funding is not permitted in certain cases. 

7. Background information 

Once you have decided to submit an application, it will be important for you to look up some background information, which you can find via this link

8. Application 

  • Applicants are requested to click this link and follow the procedure for submitting an application

  • Your student association can be part of only one application. 

  • You can be part of only one awarded application, i.e., if you are part of several applications that are accepted, you need to choose one of them. 

  • Applicants will be informed via e-mail about the results of the selection process. 

  • Applications must be made through the online application system. 

  • Applicants should ensure that they have officially submitted their electronic application form and that they have received an automatic e-mail acknowledging receipt of their submission. 

9. Mandatory document 

Your application must be accompanied by the Project Description form

10. Contacts 

If you need expert advice about civic engagement projects, please get in touch with the contact person of your university: 


Name of the contact person 

E-mail address 

Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz 

Martin Becker 

Jyväskylän yliopisto 

Reija Häkkinen 

Latvijas Universitātes 

Aleksandra Kjakste 

Università degli Studi di Palermo 

Serena Sabella 

Universitat de València 

Laura Guzmán 

Université de Bourgogne 

France Herrscher 

Uniwersytet Opolski 

Karolina Troscianka 

For any further information, please contact your local FORTHEM Office: 

  • Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz:  forthem[at]

  • Jyväskylän yliopisto:  forthem[at] 

  • Latvijas Universitāte:  forthem[at] 

  • Università degli Studi di Palermo:[at] 

  • Universitat de València:  forthem[at] 

  • Université de Bourgogne:  forthem[at]

  • Uniwersytet Opolski:  forthem[at]