8. List of Internships

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Internship dates 


UV-2021010003 Spain University of Valencia (COAL group) The University of Valencia’s mission is to train competent professionals at European Professional Standard and to encourage prestigious research with international implications that will contribute to the development of our society. Through training and research, UV will promote the field of dissemination of science and culture, and also the reaffirmation of the democratic values of society in general, and Valencian society in particular. Based on the described intentions and the interest of UV in contributing in science and research, an internship in the COAL group will provide such values. In vitro studies of mycotoxins known as natural contaminants present in food and produced by fungi as secondary metabolites. It will be also possible to study the cyto-protection with natural compounds. Tasks will be related with:  
•    Research of literature dealing with cytotoxicity assays on mammalian cell lines.
•    Cultivation of HepG2 and SH-SY5Y cells. 
•    Treatment of HepG2 cell line with different treatments of mycotoxins (individually and combined).
•    Measurement of cell viability with MTT assay.
•    Determination of the half maximum inhibitory concentrations (IC50), toxicity parameters and evaluation of the cytotoxicity for each toxin and the metabolites produced during biotransformation reactions.
•    Toxicity prediction of the principal metabolites.
•    Evaluation of DNA-damage, cell cycle alterations, cell death, caspase… by using flow cytometry.
01-09-2021 - 31-12-2021 We encourage you to indicate your period of interest, which will be discussed accordingly with you. In case of circumstances related to the pandemic, it will be possible to postpone the internship to 2022.
uB20201124 France Joint unit PAM (Procédés Alimentaires et Microbiologiques), équipe PCAV(Physico-Chimie de l’aliment et du vin)/ Joint Unit Food Processing and Microbiology, group Physical-Chemistry of Food and Wine (PCAV) The intern will work for an international research project. The objective of this project consists to better understand the behavior of coated film in contactto aqueous or semi-hydrated media, the transfer of gas and release of phenolic acids, and the bioactivities of these phenolic acids against microbial pathogen strains. The efficacy of the bioactive coating on film structure and functional properties will be firstly studied (physicochemical, structural, transfer, and thermal properties. From January 2021. Contact forthem[at]u-bourgogne.fr  
JGU_2020_ZWW  Germany The Center for Continuing Education (ZWW), a central facility of Johannes Gutenberg University (JGU) The trainee will support the Centre in project work (Erasmus+ projects: Include Her, Smile); documentation/ publishing/ dissemination; in international affairs (summerschool, intercultural trainings) Flexible, approximate starting date 01.02.2021, at least 3 months in total  



 CLEDU (Legal Clinic for Human Rights) is a legal clinic operating in Palermo, formed by lawyers, professors, researchers, human rights law experts and volunteers. The Clinic aim is to teach and form students in human rights law by training them on the field, to give free legal assistance especially to migrants and, at the same time, to do research on these topics.

The internship task will include: to do researches on topics such as human rights situations on specific countries, to write legal reports, to write legal acts, and so on. 



The internship will be entirely held online due to the current pandemic crisis. 

UV- 2020070001 


Cursodeinstalador.com,  company specialized in distance learning / online courses of the industrial area 

Analytical skills to study the up-to-date documentation in order to collaborate in the design of the teaching material of different industrial area courses

15-10-2020, 15-4-2020, the duration is flexible 

Please contact  FORTHEM@uv.es to get the password for the *.pdf file 

UV- 2020070002


R3 Recymed, S.L., advertising sector, most of them on urban furniture

Tasks related to the electronic and programming part of the Smart Cities & Air Quality projects

01-09-2020 –30-01-2021  

Please contact  FORTHEM@uv.es to get the password for the *.pdf file 



Stafix Ltd. The internship supports the company's sales and marketing activities in the German* market. Duties e.g. involve:- Translation- Customer service and contacting (ph/email)- Market Research (DE)- Google AdWords (DE)- Hubspot- stafix.de webpage updates and development 2-6 months, start, duration, and working hours negotiable. 19.10.2020 – 16.04.2021, 5 days per week, 7,5 h per day

  *only German students eligible!



Consorzio Universitario della Provincia di Trapani, Institute of Marine  Biology  The Institute of Marine Biology has a long experience in research activities related to  aquaculture and product quality, attested by the participation and coordination of numerous  research projects in this field, of regional, national and international relevance. The 

The training objectives proposed  concern the acquisition and improvement of basic and professionalizing skills of laboratory  aimed at assessing the quality and shelf life of fishery, aquaculture and processing products.  In particular: sensory and instrumental control  procedures, the analysis of the main organic constituents and drafting of nutritional labels of  fresh and processed fish products. 

Open period (except for the month of August: summer closure).  Total n. of hours: 300 




COSVAP – DISTRETTO DELLA PESCA E CRESCITA BLU  The mission of the District of Fisheries and Blue Growth – COSVAP is to increase the  competitiveness of the Sicilian fishing system, through actions that facilitate the quality of the  product and services, and by exploiting in a planned way the levers of Marketing, finance,  ITC, and training: corporate, managerial and district. 

The internship offer is related to two main branches:  - training activities in companies operating in the fisheries sector, interested in diversify  and innovate the productions (reinforce the professional skills of the candidates in innovative food technologies  Methods)  - to participate in communication, digital strategies and marketing activities in support  of the preparation of the international exposition BLUESEALAND, together with the  staff of the District 

Open period  The duration is flexible 




Carlino s.r.l  Carlino s.r.l. company deals with the fish production of anchovies and sardines with the  various processes concerning the supply chain. The final products are mainly intended for  large retailers. 

The internship will focus on  - the quality control of fish products (production control, CCP, traceability, certifications,  HACCP self-control plan, etc.)  - develop digital strategies 

Open period  The duration is flexible 


uB2020070001 France Burgundy School of Business, UuB_Assistant Project Manager for Short Term Programmes (International Office)   Provides administrative help in the promotion and organisation of short-term programmes taking place at BSB under the direction of the Project Manager for Short-Term Programmes.  From January 4th to June 30th, 2021  -